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VAT Number: 907 3184 29


Collecting, collating and disseminating wildlife information for the County of Kent.

Kent & Medway Biological Records Centre is located in the heart of Kent at Brogdale Farm in Faversham. We are a charitable organisation which aims to collect, collate and disseminate, as widely as possible, information about the wildlife species and habitats found within our County. By making this information available to inform on planning and development decisions as well as to support conservation and education work we can help to ensure that Kent's rich diversity of flora and fauna are protected for the future. 


None of our work would be possible without the tremendous support we receive from the individuals and organisations who dedicate their time to going out in the field and recording the wildlife around them. There are a number of species recording groups and specialist recorders in Kent, all of whom run on an entirely voluntary basis and whose work directly contributes to the wealth of information we are then able to collate at KMBRC for use in decision making, education and research. By having data exchange agreements with our local recorders and recording groups we can ensure that data is shared in a way that results in both KMBRC and the species specialists having access to the same information, validated and verified to the best of our shared abilities and with the minimum risk of duplication. 

Meet The Team

รูเล็ตออนไลน์ ทดลองเล่น

Chief Executive

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Tony Witts

Information and Projects Manager

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Dave Giffen

Infrastructure Manager

Judith Church

Support Officer

Data Search


Our commercial desk top data search service enables ecologists, local authorities and other relevant stakeholders to more readily commission and target new survey work and make informed planning and development decisions within Kent and Medway.

Supporting Conservation Work

We work with a very wide variety of partners at both local and national level to support wildlife conservation work. Our current project partners include Kent Wildlife Trust, The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and The Freshwater Habitats Trust.

Education and Research

A core part of our work is to help support education and research. We are able to assist with the provision of data for everything from an individual member of the public wanting to find out more about the wildlife they can find in their local park through to provision of information to support university research teams with their studies.

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